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Get your AI PC, AI Character and 3D Wallpaper in KoppieOS.

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Version 0.0.9. Support Win10+,MacOS

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All about Spaces and AI

Meet the new desktop experience with KoppieOS

Multi AI Models

Interact with a variety of chatbots powered by leading LLM models like GPT-4, GPT-4o, Gemini, and more. Enjoy superior language processing and a range of conversational styles.
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Safe and useful when offline

Enjoy the full benefits of LLM technology offline with our Local LLM feature. Continue to experience seamless and efficient interactions, regardless of your internet connection. Ollama's offline capabilities ensure your data stays secure, providing convenience and peace of mind. Access important resources anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost—guaranteed to remain free forever.
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Launch app and commands with alias

The launcher is completely free and can be used offline without any need to log in or register.
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Select your favourite avatar

Now KoppieOS allow you to choice desktop avatar to chat with, default avatars are totally free. You can also turn it off in setting panel.
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Manage important chat results

After chatting with AI, you can add the conversation to your desktop as a sticky note or save it to your note library. Pin it to your desktop and edit with markdown highlighting at any time.
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Coming feature

Bring your favorite character to life on KoppieOS—join the waitlist to customize their look and voice!

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Personal Assistant that handles it all.
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More Than Text
Effortlessly initiate voice conversations and customize the assistant's voice tone to enhance and personalize your communication experience.
Many Free Ablities
The price is well worth it. Each online workflow incurs a minimal cost, calculated based on the tokens and algorithms used. We will maintain this pricing model, charging by usage rather than by the number of queries, regardless of the question's length.
Manage Ideas
AI gens many things, and KoppieOS keep your important results.
Update Fast
Try to request a feature! We update KoppieOS with hyper speed every week.

Why choose us?

Features :
easy screen shot and instantly point it for asking
No limited times, cost by token and model price,simple question choice simple model = cost little credit
keep high speed each chatting
easy cancel anytime
free credit can try all abilities
supported local llm, totaly free and safe
Other Softwares Like monica/maxai/chat ...
Features :
upload raw jpg/png
limited query times like 500 per month.Even just say hi, still cost your one query time
limted speed after use high eff
no free model
no safe local model
not supported both mac/win native
Credit System

1 Credit
Multiple AI Services

Why credit?
Our credit system offers users the flexibility to choose from a variety of AI models, each tailored to specific needs and available at different credit costs.

How to get credit?
Feedback: Provide feedback on our website, Discord, or via email.
Buy: Choose from individual or team plans.
Monetize Your Creations: Sell your avatars or prompts. Coming soon!

Chat LLMs

All in One chat experience


Ask GPT4, Claude3, Gemini-1.5 with screenshot

Buy prompts create by others

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Buy Avatar

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FAQ For KoppieOS

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